The WhirlyBird Repeller: Simple, Safe, Effective

WhirlyBird Breeze Photos 2013 PRO and BREEZE

WhirlyBird PRO and BREEZE

You’ve got a bird problem…

This may be your solution!  

The WhirlyBird Repeller

“Pro” or “Breeze”

The WhirlyBird Repeller is a simple, safe, and effective way to repel unwanted birds.

Where to use a WhirlyBird Repeller?

Boats – Docks – Decks – Outdoor Dining  Over Pools – Solar Panels – Terraces Navigational Aids – Light Poles – Vineyards Berry Farms – Refineries –  Power Plants Communication Towers – Electrical Towers –  Contaminated Areas 

The “Pro” or the “Breeze”- Which solution is right for my bird problem?

The WhirlyBird “Pro” is intended for areas with steady, high velocity winds, such as coastal areas, cell phone towers, or elevated light poles.

The WhirlyBird “Breeze” is better suited for areas that are more sheltered, or have intermittent or lighter winds, such as more inland areas, lakes, or backyards.

How does the WhiryBird Repeller Work?

Birds constantly and quickly assess and test their environments looking for safety.  We have  created a product that resembles a peregrine falcon and constantly changes using wind, sunlight, and a light sound.  Nuisance birds, such as gulls, grackles, and vultures, do not become acclimated to the deterrent effects of the WhirlyBird Repeller “Pro” or “Breeze“, as they do with passive objects, such as plastic owls and snakes.

Simply mount or hang the WhirlyBird Repeller 6 to 8 feet above the designated bird free area.  Make sure it can catch a breeze and reflect the sunlight.

At Whirlybird  Solutions, we know that unwanted birds cause serious problems; disease, expensive property damage, and power outages are just some of the documented catastrophic problems of birds being in the wrong places.  

WhirlyBird Solutions’ commitment to solving problems responsibly has set us apart since 2007. Our small family business is proud to offer a solution that really WORKS! The WhirlyBird Repeller Pro or Breeze,  nuisance bird control products are safe, extremely effective, humane, and non-toxic. Friends and neighbors, and even the United States Coast Guard have all said one simple thing:

WhirlyBird Repellers WORK!

Give it a Whirl!

Use the WhirlyBird Repeller in any windy area where you need to keep birds away:


Bird waste is hazardous waste! See and learn how the WhirlyBird Repeller operates and scares your pest birds away:

Features of the Whirlybird Repeller:

  • Simple, cost-effective, and humane bird control
  • Molded and assembled in the USA
  • Comes pre-assembled, no batteries needed
  • Can be installed on virtually any surface or structure
  • UV resistant polycarbonate plastic, stainless steel fasteners
  • Tough enough to withstand outdoor and  marine environment and high winds
  • Contains NO harmful chemicals and no sharp spikes. It will not harm birds; the WhirlyBird Repeller just scares them away
  • Save money and time on costly clean-up of droppings
  • Stop spread of disease
  • Eco-friendly alternative to toxic chemicals, sticky gels, sharp spikes, and dangerous traps

Say “goodbye” to your unwanted nuisance birds! Contact us today to discuss effective bird control and get rid of birds or order securely right here on our website.


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