WhirlyBird Breeze has arrived!

 “Simply, less wind, more spin,” is how a Kansas customer described the WhirlyBird “Breeze,” our new bird repeller model!

Everyone at WhirlyBird Solutions is proud and excited that our new WhirlyBird “Breeze” has arrived and is ready to help repel your nuisance and pest birds. Manufactured from the same tough and durable polycarbonate plastic as our original model, the Breeze is about 50% larger and with thinner wings than the WhirlyBird Pro. The Breeze is our answer to customer requests for a WhirlyBird repeller that will work to repel nusance birds in lighter, more intermittent breezes, or more sheltered locations, like a backyard pool. Our original model, WhirlyBird Pro is still available, and works great in areas with constant, steady, higher velocity winds, such as coastal areas or the tops of cell phone  or communication towers or elevated light poles.

WhirlyBird Pro or Breeze are the same price, $64.99, plus shipping and handling. You can order either model from the Order page, just choose your model from the drop down menu, then click the “Buy Now” box. You’ll be taken to PayPal for secure payment.

If you have any questions about which model, Pro or Breeze, will keep away your nuisance birds, please call or email us, and we”ll be glad to discuss your needs.

WhirlyBird Repeller Breeze model

WhirlyBird Repeller Breeze model