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Below are some photographs of the WhirlyBird Repeller and various installation methods utilized to get rid of birds. We are amazed by our customers’ ingenuity,  we thank our customers who have sent us their photographs, and we invite others to do the same. Please forward your photographs and success stories to us at Thanks!

Creative Installation to keep birds off the roof at Charleston Yacht Club in  Charleston, South Carolina

Close up of WhirlyBird repeller above roof of Charleston Yacht Club



Update, I just drove by this WhirlyBird installation, October 8, 2014. It has been in place now for about a year, and the PRO is still spinning and repelling sea gulls. Glad to know the gulls are off the yacht club’s roof!

Plagued by seagulls on their roof, Charleston Yacht Club in Charleston, South Carolina installed a WhirlyBird Repeller for a creative, yet unobtrusive solution to keep birds off their roof. Stringing a line between two PVC poles allowed them to utilize the eye-bolt on top of the WhirlyBird. This installation gives more movement to the WhirlyBird, while allowing it to spin and sway freely in the breezes off the Charleston harbor. The random spinning and sliding of the WhirlyBird keeps birds from becoming acclimated to its presence. As you can see, no more birds perching on the roof of the Charleston Yacht Club, thanks to their creative installation.

The WhirlyBird is now used to effectively repel and keep vultures and other nuisance birds off communication and cell phone towers.

whirlybird repeller and cell phone tower




Alice S. in Texas is using a WhirlyBird Repeller to protect her orange tree.Here is what Alice says, “after trying so many ways to scare birds away from my fruit trees, I decided to try one more! What a surprise, it really works!! It makes no noise and uses no fuel or electricity. I have had it now for 2 years and it’s still working!! It’s a little pricey, but worth every penny!”  Thank you for writing, Alice, we are glad to hear your comments and see your photo.


WhirlyBird Repeller and Orange tree, Texas

WhirlyBird Repeller and Orange tree, Texas



The WhirlyBird has been used successfully by Fred Wichmann for several years to scare birds and protect his dock and the Mobjack, his classic 45′ Herreshoff Ketch built in 1936

wichmann1thumb wichmann2thumb wichmann3thumb

Dr. Peter Van Dorsten of Johns Island, SC, using WhirlyBird Repellers on his dock and his beautiful 40′ Hinckley Bermuda yawl Legacy to keep birds away


Bill Roettger’s power boat docked in Isle of Palms, SC, with WhirlyBird Repeller mounted on its bow rail and and radar arch to keep birds off. The WhirlyBird comes complete with a 3/4″ connector that allows it to be attached to a standard marine antenna mount (antenna mount not included)

wbroettger1thumb wbroettger2thumb wbroettger3thumb

WhirlyBirdRepellers keeping pest birds off  Libby Smith’s and Charlie Sneed’s boat lift, dock and cat boat located on James Island, off of Charleston Harbor

charliesneed1thumb charliesneed2thumb

WhirlyBird Repellers scare birds away from the Presson family’s dock and poolside at their beautiful home on Sullivans Island, SC

presson1thumb presson2thumb presson3thumb presson4thumb

WhirlyBird Repeller boom mounting bracket built and installed on sailboat by Mr. Harvey to keep nuisance birds away.

harvey1thumb harvey1thumb

Photo of WhirlyBird Repeller with stainless steel eyebolt for installation by hanging to get rid of birds.


Bensig shroud mounting bracket on “Mobjack”, and close up photos of the bracket for WhirlyBird Repeller to keep birds off Mr. Wichmann’s boat.

bensig2thumb bensig3thumb

Whirlybird Reflections!


WhirlyBird Repellers mounted on mizzen mast and cabin top of the 44′ Cherubini ketch, First Light,scaring birds and keeping birds away.

cherubini1_thumb cherubini2_thumb