Lutz Berry Farm


Dear WhirlyBird Solutions:

I have a very small high density Blueberry Farm located in South Georgia. We have always had problems with birds migrating up during harvest and causing damage to the fruit. The birds typically come in small flocks from 50 to 75 birds and hang around through harvest and then migrate North. The biggest threat with the birds in high density Blueberries is that you have a relatively large amount of fruit concentrated in a small area. I have tried several different things in the past to prevent them from coming into the field. I have used fake hawks, different colored tape tied to the overhead sprinklers, and used shotgun sounds to try and keep them out of the field.

This year I put 30 WhirlyBird Repellers placed at different heights scattered over a 6 acre field. I concentrated them a little more towards the areas that the birds typically light. The WhirlyBird Repellers were placed on top of ¾ galvanized pipes at heights anywhere from 6ft to 8.5ft. I was amazed at the results that I got. One morning I watched a flock drop into the field and within a few minutes they left and never came back. I kept looking for them to come back at anytime because they always do. I did not happen. This is the first year that I can honestly say that I did not see any bird damage. You have a product that really works and I thank you for it.


Eric Lutz
Lutz Berry Farm
28 East Dame Ave.
Homerville, Ga 31634