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Bird Droppings Can Damage Property

Left undisturbed, bird droppings can destroy almost any building material. Wood, stone, steel and iron are all susceptible to the acidic and bacterial ridden guano of birds. If allowed to accumulate, it can clog gutters, discolor paint, corrode I-beams, ruin cloth awnings and short out electrical equipment.

Bird & Bat Guano Can Be Harmful to Humans

According to many web sites, routine guano removal should be approached with a degree of caution. A fungus sometimes found in bird and bat droppings can lead to a health condition known as histoplasmosis. Correctly considered beneficial animals in certain situations, bats [can] pose a threat to human health with exposure to their guano. When droppings accumulate for years, a fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) can grow and produce spores that may cause histoplasmosis when inhaled. Where bat or bird droppings accumulate, in an attic for example, care should be taken to avoid exposing oneself to theses spores. Clean up generally involves wetting the droppings before removal and wearing personal protective equipment, including a HEPA-equipped respirator or self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). Removal of large amounts of guano or droppings from structures should be left to experienced professionals familiar with proper removal procedures.

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