Keep Birds Off Communication Towers

Thank you to David Lee Meisenburg for his helpful comments about his use and installation of many WhirlyBird Repellers on communication towers and antennas. Read his remarks, below.

My company, Universal Tower Services provides site maintenance and management for the telecommunications industry.  Since 2011, I have installed many WhirlyBird Repellers on communication towers throughout the Midwestern states where roosting birds were a problem and resulting in complaints.   Notably, I found the WhirlyBirds to be an effective solution to the bird problems the tower owners were experiencing – they kept the birds away!  Experience has shown me that at least two WhirlyBird Repellers per level gives optimal results.  Based on my experience, I strongly recommend this product for use on communication towers.  The WhirlyBird Repeller does what it is supposed to do, no doubt about it.

Thank you for these helpful remarks. If your company or tower is bothered by destructive, nuisance birds and vultures, we can help, just give us a call.