Frequently Asked Questions about the Whirlybird Repeller

Q. What is the difference between the WhirlyBird Repeller “Pro” and “Breeze”?

A. While both are manufactured with durable UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic, stainless steel fasteners, and washers, the WhirlyBird “Pro” has thicker wings and is recommended for areas with high winds, such as coastal areas with consistent high winds, offshore navigational aids, and higher elevations of cell phone towers. The WhirlyBird “Breeze” has thinner gauge wings that are 50% larger, which allows it to spin and wobble in the slightest breeze.

Q. How does the WhirlyBird Repeller keep birds away?
A. Shaped like a peregrine falcon, the wings on the WhirlyBird Repeller are designed to catch the prevailing wind and spin. The WhirlyBird Repeller reflects sunlight, and spins,  wobbles, and vibrates against its pole. The WhirlyBird Repeller does not need electricity or batteries to operate and keep nuisance birds off, but it does need wind.

Q. What is it about the WhirlyBird Repeller that repels birds?
As the WhirlyBird spins, it produces constantly changing  sounds, vibrations and reflections that scare pest birds away and changes their perching and roosting habits over time.  Installing the WhirlyBird Repeller in a breezy area and at least 6-8 feet above the area where the birds are roosting and perching  is necessary to create the perceived presence of a threatening bird of prey.

Q. I’ve heard that birds become acclimated to conditions that may initially scare them. What keeps birds from becoming acclimated to the WhirlyBird Repeller?
A. With changes in wind speed and sunlight, the sounds, vibrations and reflections produced by the WhirlyBird Repeller continuously change, and prevents birds from becoming acclimated. In other words, the WhirlyBird keeps the pest birds off guard and prevents them from getting used to it.

Q. Where do WhirlyBird Repellers work best?
A. Anyplace where birds are a problem and where there is a prevailing wind, such as coastal areas, large fields, and higher elevations. The WhirlyBird is effective at keeping nuisance birds off docks, navigational aids, boats (moored and docked), communications towers, electrical transmission towers, hotels, resorts, outside dining areas, chemical plants, petroleum refineries, buildings, bridges, lighthouses, vineyards, blueberry farms, and other agricultural settings.

Q. Where should I install the WhirlyBird Repeller?
A. The Whirlybird Repeller works best in windy areas and when installed at least 6-8 feet above the area where nuisance birds are perching/roosting. You may need to experiment with height, location, and number of WhirlyBirds due to differences in bird habitats and behavior, and available wind. We  recommend that you install the WhirlyBirds when there is a breeze so that the first time the birds see it, the WhirlyBird is spinning, wobbling and reflecting light. If installed at the right height and location, this should keep  the birds off guard from the start. The WhirlyBird repeller comes with a short length of PVC extension pipe. If you do not have dock pilings or another structure to achieve the necessary height, you will need to purchase additional pipe.

Q. How large an area will a WhirlyBird Repeller protect?
A. The Whirlybird Repeller repels birds in an area approximately 12 ft. x 12 ft. — For larger areas, more than one WhirlyBird Repeller may be needed. Experience has demonstrated that when WhirlyBirds are installed at a greater height, the area protected can be greater. Because of the differences in bird habitats and behavior, and wind supply, you may need to experiment in the number, location, and height of WhirlyBirds used to scare birds away.

Q. How do I install the WhirlyBird?
A.The WhirlyBird comes with a mounting base for installation on flat surfaces and a stainless steel eye bolt for hanging from a structure. The WhirlyBird also comes with 3/4″ PVC threaded connector that will allow the WhirlyBird to be attached to a standard marine antenna mount. The included PVC extension pipe is intended for dock pilings or other structures that will install the WhirlyBird at least 6-8 feet above the area where nuisance birds are roosting or perching. The WhirlyBird can be installed at greater heights using larger diameter PVC pipe with 3/4″ reducers readily available at hardware and home improvement stores (Longer pipe length pieces and reducers purchased separately). There are numerous other ways to install the WhirlyBird, some of which are set forth in the Installation Instructions and some of which are shown on our website’s Photo Gallery. It is important for the WhirlyBird to be mounted plumb (i.e., vertical), and we recommend that you glue the slip connectors to the pipes using PVC pipe cement following the cement manufacturer’s instructions.

Q. Does the WhirlyBird require any maintenance?
A. The WhirlyBird is virtually maintenance-free, but there are things you can do to extend its life and effectiveness over time. If birds are a problem only during certain times of the year, remove and store your WhirlyBird during times when birds are not a problem. Depending on the use and location, dirt and grime may form on the clear plastic surface and around the Teflon bushing, which can diminish the WhirlyBird’s reflectiveness, ability to freely spin, and place unnecessary wear on the Teflon bushing. We recommend periodic inspection of your WhirlyBird, and if you find that a film of dirt and grime has deposited, gently rinse the WhirlyBird’s plastic surfaces and Teflon bushing using mild soap and water.

Q. How much does a WhirlyBird Repeller cost?
A.The WhirlyBird Repeller is only $64.99 plus $10 shipping and handling.  We offer volume discounts on orders of 10 or more Whirlybirds. If you wish to place an order for 10 or more Whirlybirds, please contact us.

Q. Do you offer any kind of warranty?
A. We are confident your WhirlyBird Repeller will safely and effectively deter nuisance birds. Sometimes, a little troubleshooting is necessary for optimal results. Please contact us and we will try and help your situation. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just return it to us within 45 days of delivery and we will refund your purchase price.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.