Creative WhirlyBird Repeller Installation

Update, I just drove by this WhirlyBird installation, October 8, 2014. It has been in place now for about a year, and the PRO is still spinning and repelling sea gulls. Glad to know the gulls are off the yacht club’s roof!

Here is a photo of a PRO WhirlyBird Repeller installed about 6-8 feet above a cupola at the Charleston Yacht Club, Charleston, South Carolina. Seagulls used to like to sit on the roof edge. The WhirlyBird is hanging from its eyebolt on a wire between the two poles. In addition to spinning and reflecting light in the harbor breezes, the WhirlyBird sways back and forth, and moves along the wire. This creative installation has worked very well for the yacht club, as you can see, no more seagulls.

Close up of WhirlyBird repeller above roof of Charleston Yacht Club

WhirlyBird Repeller at Charleston Yacht Club