Cold Weather Maintenance Tips for Your WhirlyBird Repeller

Now that warm weather temperatures are on the run, perhaps  nuisance birds in your area have temporarily migrated to a new climate. Your WhirlyBird Repeller may not need to work as hard now and is ready for a break before those pesky birds return and try to mess your boat, dock, or communication towers.

Here are a few cold weather maintenance tips to extend the useful life of your WhirlyBird Repeller so it is ready to get back to work when nuisance birds return:

  • If strong storms or freezing temperatures are predicted, bring in your WhirlyBird to minimize wear.
  • Periodically rinse the WhirlyBird head (including the white Teflon bushing) with warm, soapy water. This will remove any buildup of salt, dirt, or pollen that may slow the spinning and wobbling motion of the WhirlyBird Repeller.
  • If birds are not a problem this time of year, bring in your WhirlyBird and put it out when nuisance birds return.

As always, if you have any questions about use or installation of the WhirlyBird repeller, please don’t hesitate to contact us.