Rob Turkewitz and Bud Doty, inventors of the amazing WhirlyBird Repeller.

Rob Turkewitz and Bud Doty, inventors of the amazing WhirlyBird Repeller.

The Humble Beginnings of WhirlyBird Repellers

The WhirlyBird Repeller was invented by Bud Doty and Rob Turkewitz to scare birds and keep birds off their docks after they had tried numerous other methods to keep birds away  without success, including fake snakes, owls, balloons, and electronic devices. The main problem was that the pest birds became acclimated to all of these methods and eventually returned in full force.

After numerous meetings to discuss and exchange ideas over oysters in a friendly down to earth atmosphere at the famous Bowen’s Island restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, Bud and Rob came to the conclusion that in order to scare and get rid of birds, a bird repeller must use constantly changing sound, vibration and reflections in order to continually keep nuisance birds off guard and effectively repel them.

After many oysters, and a lot of engineering, experimentation and testing, they came up with and patented the WhirlyBird Repeller, a safe, simple, and effective way to keep birds off boats, docks, communication towers, anywhere pest birds are a nuisance. As Bud and Rob were asked by numerous friends for WhirlyBirds to place on their own docks, the word got out and demand for this product grew.

The United States Coast Guard in Charleston requested the opportunity to evaluate and test the WhirlyBird for its own Navigational Aids. Following a one-year test period, the Coast Guard found the WhirlyBird to be effective at keeping birds off its navigational aids and reducing maintenance costs.

Faced with continuing demand, Bud and Rob founded WhirlyBird Solutions, LLC as a vehicle to manufacture and distribute the WhirlyBird Repeller world-wide. We are now proud to say we are scaring nuisance birds and keeping birds away, all across the USA and in Europe!

Proudly Molded and Assembled in the USA

Our product does not use harmful chemicals, sharp objects or electricity to repel birds–only the wind, sunlight, and a little ingenuity. The WhirlyBird Repeller is molded from UV-resistant plastic and is durable enough to withstand the harsh marine environment and winds. No batteries are required, and the WhirlyBird Repeller comes pre-assembled. The WhirlyBird Repeller is completely safe for all animals and humans.